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the “do not get this dirty” dishcloth
August 7, 2009, 10:33 am
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DSCN1932 I started this a month ago, finished most of it, and then…put it in my WIP drawer and didn’t touch it for weeks.

So yesterday I finished it, attempted to block it (hello acrylic blend!) and gifted it to the whore today. I told her to not get it dirty bc I like how it turned out.

this project also confirmed my suspicion that i really, really need some blocking wires. and sock blockers. well, this had no need for those, but i just remembered i need some.

DSCN1931I think I should start on some christmas knitting, though. I have at least 3 scarves to make, and judging from my attention span, i will only finish one of them before december 25th.

Luckily i decided all my friends should be given malabrigo gifts this year..

In non-yarn news, I have an “interview” for assistant manager today at a different store. Is it an interview when the DM basically said you have the job, and you’re now just searching for which store will take you?

And i think its really cute that Stu got all upset i was going on vacation, until i told him i’d only be gone for 3 days. he thought i’d be away for over a week 😛


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did you get to interview or was the mall flooded?

Comment by walkingdragonfly

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