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10 in 2010 Update: January FOs
February 6, 2010, 12:39 pm
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Okay. So. I finished one thing on the list in January…


Mal Chunky in Natural

I wear it almost daily. Its SO soft, and SO warm! And its white, it goes with everything!

I started Noelle’s baby blanket, a Pinwheel blanket, in DiC Classy, and I started my Sedum using Twist (just separated the sleeves off on that one). Making fairly good progress on those despite my knitting ADHD…as can be seen by all the side projects that I got distracted by:

Sushi for Breakfast

Fish hat in Mal Worsted scraps

I love this hat. It looks insane, but its AWESOME.

Twisty Toasty

Mal Twist in Zinc

I wear these all the time. They’re so warm! I made them a hybrid between the two pattern versions…I made thumbholes but no gusset/thumb, so they can be worn as mitts or pushed down onto my arms. I see many more of these in my future!

The Fame

Leftover Mal Worsted

And a Gaga bow…because who doesn’t love Lady Gaga? Couldn’t find a headband to stick it on so I braided some strands of the leftover yarn together and tied it in my hair.


10 in 2010: January.
January 4, 2010, 11:44 pm
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I’m participating in a Ravelry group, 10 in 2010. The goal is to knit 10 projects, or use 10 different/new yarns, in 2010. You can even choose to do both of those things.

I have broken my goals up…January, February, and March have specific projects planned. After that, I have several long term projects (sock yarn, for me, equals long term) to work on over the summer. I didnt make any goals for the fall, since by then I will probably be working on Christmas gifts, or finishing all the things I promised myself I’d get done this year!

Here is my tentative (tentative because I’ve been gifted several patterns recently and might change my mind!) list for this month.

Obviously I will cast on for other projects during this time, but specific to this project are the following:


Azul Profundo, aka Squishy Joygasm

A sweater in Mal Twist (Using Sedum by Jane Richmond-may or may not switch from seed stitch to stockinette for the body of it)

Butter Peeps

A Pinwheel baby blanket in DiC Smooshy…this is the lightweight/ summer blanket I have planned for Nelly’s baby girl, since she’s going to be born in April. I have one planned using Classy, too, which will be warmer.

Natural-dye free goodness!

Last up for January’s goals is Braided (A Spud and Chloe pattern), in Mal Chunky. Knit one of these using some Cascade Lana Grande for T-Bird, and I just love the result.

I’ve casted on for the Braided already. In addition, to round out January, I’ve casted on for my first pair of socks! I am running a KAL for socks in the Christmas Swap group. I’m making the Knitty pattern, Spring Forward, using ShibuiKnits sock in what is one of my favorite colors:

All around the mulberry bush...

It’s sproingalicious and soft! Though, I am really not liking using DPNs, and I may switch over to two circs before the first sock is even done. Assuming I can be productive enough to order needles from Knitpicks…

I also want to make a Cayuga hat, which a very sweet person on Rav gifted me the pattern for!

I am planning on using my Rowan Purelife since it will coordinate with the Chunky Natural.

I’m saving this pattern for the day when I am itching to cast on a new project, despite the 46 UFOs I have lying around.

British Sheep Breeds

Happy birthday to me!
November 21, 2009, 11:06 am
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I picked it out myself…but I think I did a really excellent job.

Swirly Hurricane Mitts
October 21, 2009, 7:59 am
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Rav hates me and won’t let me post the pattern there…or I’m dumb and can’t figure it out. Either way…


Swirly Hurricane Fingerless Mittens

You need about half a skein of Mal worsted* or, 100-150 yds of any worsted weight yarn.

Needles in your preferred method of knitting in the round in US6/4mm and US8/5mm

Gauge: 5stitches=1inch


pm-place marker

kfb-knit into front and back of stitch, increasing 1

sm-slip marker to right needle

Note about pattern:

The purl swirl is made by offsetting the pattern repeat by 1 for each row. These mitts use a 6 stitch repeat, meaning the number of stitches needs to be a multiple of 6 plus one. You can alter how close together the swirls are by changing this number (it could be k3 p1 for closer swirls or k6p1 for farther apart swirls) depending on how you want them to look.

For the swirl pattern on both the hand and the thumb when you get to it, it’s easy to keep track of the pattern by just purling the stitch in the current round right before the purled stitch in the previous round.

Bigger size in ( )

Cast on 32 (36) stitches and join to work in the round

Work in 2×2 ribbing for 12 (14) rows-

You can increase the length of the cuffs if you want them to fold back over for extra warmth by adding extra ribbing rows.

For smaller size-on the last round, k2tog on last two stitches-31 st (for large size, increase 1 for 37 stitches)

Switch to larger needles, pm to mark beginning of round, and begin pattern:

K5, P1 around for 6 rounds

Begin thumb:

Every third round will be increasing by 2 for the thumb stitches by working the following 13 (16) rows:

1. Work in pattern for 14 (16) stitches, pm, kfb in next stitch, k1, kfb in next stitch, pm, k in pattern for rest of round (5 st between markers)

Optional-from here on out you can continue making a swirl pattern on the thumb as well. Start by purling the middle and last stitches between the markers. On every 3rd row, purl the last stitch between the markers to start a new swirl (don’t combine the hand and thumb swirls, treat them as two separate patterns)

2. work in pattern until 2 stitches before first marker, kfb those stitches, sm, k thumb stitches, sm, kfb next stitch, k in pattern for rest of round

3. work in pattern

4. work in pattern until thumb, sm, kfb first st, k3, kfb last st, sm, work in pattern for rest of round (7 thumb st)

5. work in pattern

6. work in pattern

7. work in pattern until thumb, sm, kfb k5, kfb, sm, work in pattern (9 thumb st)

8. work in pattern

9. work in pattern

10. work in pattern until thumb, sm, kfb, k7, kfb, sm, work in pattern (11 thumb st)

11. work in pattern

12. work in pattern

if making smaller size, work this one round:

13. work in pattern until marker, remove marker and slip 11 thumb stitches onto waste yarn, remove second marker, work in pattern for rest of round

Thumb increases complete for smaller size.

If making larger size, work next 4 rounds:

13. work in pattern, sm, kfb, k9, kfb, sm, work in pattern (13 thumb st)

14. work in pattern

15. work in pattern

16. work in pattern, remove marker, slip 13 thumb stitches onto waste yarn, remove marker, work in pattern for rest of round.

Work next 12 (14) rounds in pattern

Work 5 (6) rounds of seed stitch (or more ribbing if preferred- increase 1 stitch for ribbing)

Bind off loosely, I used EZ’s sewn bindoff.

Finish thumb:

Pick up 11 (13) stitches from waste yarn and pick up 5(7) more stitches from other size of thumb opening, for a total of 16 (20) stitches

Work following row 2 (3) times:

K around, decreasing by one where thumb meets hand for a total of 14 (17) stitches

work 4 (6) rounds in pattern

work 2 (3) rounds of seed stitch

Bind off loosely and weave in all ends.

*I got a hurricane hat and a pair of these out of one hank of worsted, with a little bit to spare, so I could have even made the mitts in the large size and had enough!

to do list
September 4, 2009, 3:12 pm
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things that need to be done:

clean room

clean car

get oil change/inspection

move out

pay bills

what WILL be done:

work odd hours

pass out as soon as i see my bed

work on this:


ETA: i can’t get it to rotate, and im too lazy to figure out why/how to fix this.

the power of stupidity.
August 22, 2009, 12:40 pm
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i can’t deal with a boss who is in their 20s and when listening to a disney ¬†mix says “um..who’s prince ali?”

plays well with others
August 18, 2009, 11:33 am
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mini golfing…we’re¬†probably never allowed back to that place.


beyonce night on america’s best dance crew

DSCN1962dancing…i think.

DSCN1963there was a giant bug in the couch!

DSCN1964gnight punkin..

aand…the most gorgeous yarn in existence: