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10 in 2010: January.
January 4, 2010, 11:44 pm
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I’m participating in a Ravelry group, 10 in 2010. The goal is to knit 10 projects, or use 10 different/new yarns, in 2010. You can even choose to do both of those things.

I have broken my goals up…January, February, and March have specific projects planned. After that, I have several long term projects (sock yarn, for me, equals long term) to work on over the summer. I didnt make any goals for the fall, since by then I will probably be working on Christmas gifts, or finishing all the things I promised myself I’d get done this year!

Here is my tentative (tentative because I’ve been gifted several patterns recently and might change my mind!) list for this month.

Obviously I will cast on for other projects during this time, but specific to this project are the following:


Azul Profundo, aka Squishy Joygasm

A sweater in Mal Twist (Using Sedum by Jane Richmond-may or may not switch from seed stitch to stockinette for the body of it)

Butter Peeps

A Pinwheel baby blanket in DiC Smooshy…this is the lightweight/ summer blanket I have planned for Nelly’s baby girl, since she’s going to be born in April. I have one planned using Classy, too, which will be warmer.

Natural-dye free goodness!

Last up for January’s goals is Braided (A Spud and Chloe pattern), in Mal Chunky. Knit one of these using some Cascade Lana Grande for T-Bird, and I just love the result.

I’ve casted on for the Braided already. In addition, to round out January, I’ve casted on for my first pair of socks! I am running a KAL for socks in the Christmas Swap group. I’m making the Knitty pattern, Spring Forward, using ShibuiKnits sock in what is one of my favorite colors:

All around the mulberry bush...

It’s sproingalicious and soft! Though, I am really not liking using DPNs, and I may switch over to two circs before the first sock is even done. Assuming I can be productive enough to order needles from Knitpicks…

I also want to make a Cayuga hat, which a very sweet person on Rav gifted me the pattern for!

I am planning on using my Rowan Purelife since it will coordinate with the Chunky Natural.

I’m saving this pattern for the day when I am itching to cast on a new project, despite the 46 UFOs I have lying around.

British Sheep Breeds